Why another website?

picture of  two flowers in yellow
Flowers in yellow – a 10 in x 8 in acrylic on canvas.

Why another website?

The answer to the question is, here is another website that provides a unique perspective of how to paint with watercolor and acrylics, and I said ‘unique’ because as you will see it, I will share with you things that you have not seen before because what I do reflects who I am. Everything we do in life is unique, there is no two copies of the same painting style as there is no copies of any person, living or, not living thing in the universe.

This website and (there is also a blog) are about my impressions (painting from memory, I saw a place, object, nature, landscape, etc. and then I use watercolor or, acrylic to make these memories come alive in my paintings. I use acrylics and watercolors because these are the two techniques that I have been tried to master over my years of painting. I feel that I am more proficient in watercolors, but in recent years, I had learned how to use acrylics more effectively.

Hi, I am back, and I want to show you more pictures of my paintings, specially some acrylics, see below:

Yellow/brown tree – acrylic on canvas 2019

In the image above, there is this painting of a tree that looks like a fall’s tree, but in reality, this tree is yellow/brownish all the year around, and that is the reason I decided to painted, it really called my attention.

Trees – acrylic on canvas 2019

The trees above don’t exist in real life, they are the creation of my imagination. They resemble some characteristics of real trees, but as you can see, they are different. Hope you would like it!

Pink Trees – acrylic on canvas 2019

The composition above shows my style of trees – alhtough it intends to reflect a group of trees by a pond. I called the painting, pink trees, but in reality the pink is the sky.

One more painting for today, I also shared this painting below in another post (in the gallery page), but I am posting the same here, just to show that I also painted a tree that is pink, and the sky is white.

Pink tree – acrylic on canvas 2019

Most Recent Content…

Hello again, it is Feb. 28, 2020 and it is the end of the moth, I would like to share with you more of my art, so, you can see what I have done. Below are some new pictures of my recent paintings:

Cups in blue – acrylic on canvas 2019
Still live – acrylic on canvas 2010
Tulips – acrylic on canvas 2019
Winter landscape (blue trees) – Acrylic on canvas 2019

I hope that you enjoyed the paintings. See you until next time I post new pictures, thank you for watching/coming to visit my site.

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