Hello, I am posting a second set of new paintings in this gallery, enjoy it.

New paintings posted below…

Oranges and apricots – still life acrylic on canvas 2019
Ceramic (clay) containers – acrylic on canvas 2019
Beautiful clay’s container (sometimes used as flower vases for dry floral arrangements) – Acrylic on canvas 2019
Vase (of clay) container – acrylic on canvas 2019
Two clay vases – acrylic on canvas 2019

Previous painting posted in this gallery…

See some of my Paintings
Although I considered my strength, the use of watercolors; In recent years I have been also painting with acrylics – watercolors and acrylics have many similarities; both are applied using water; and are good to make transparencies. I have noted that as much as I learn about acrylics, the most I like them. So, I want to share with you some of my recent acrylic’s paintings, see below:


Painting of a blossom cherry tree. It is a 11 in x 16 in acrylic on canvas.
“Pink Tree”. This is a blossom cherry tree in fall. It is an 11 in x 16 in acrylic on canvas.
“Green Tree.” This is an abstraction of the leaves and branches of a green tree. This painting is a 10 in x 10 in acrylic on canvas.
“Two Trees.” An acrylic (knife painting), it is 8 in x 8 in on canvas.
Beautiful Green (Agave Plant) – acrylic on canvas 2019
Red Agave – acrylic on canvas 2019
Green – acrylic on canvas 2019
Tulips – acrylics on canvas 2009
Sisters – acrylic on canvas 2005

Some of my watercolors – I want to share in this gallery some of my watercolors, see below:

Flowers – watercolor on paper 2006
Happy – watercolor on paper 2016
Sisters – watercolor on paper 2016
Vendors (Sibling selling produce on the market place) – watercolor on paper 2016
Abstract – watercolor on paper 2016