About me

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Reason for this website and blog

Although in reality I decided to build this website and blog to share with you ideas, and techniques I used to produce, and prepare my watercolors, and acrylics. You may also would like to know a little bit about me. But, please don’t forget this blog is for you, and not just about me. 

My Story (in brief, I hope)

My passion for watercolors started when I started painting – when I was around 4 years old), later on when I was about 8 years old, I learned that there are other mediums, besides watercolors. But going back to my beginning, I knew about crayons, pencils, and color pencils when I was 4 (my mother was a school teacher), but what really called my attention was watercolors.

I started painting with lots of water, and sometimes, I also used saliva to combine them because (according to my mother, and my nannie) water was too messy. So, at an early age, I tasted the watercolor pigments, and noted that almost every color in the palette, tastes different – don’t ask me about specific flavors, but I know for example that black, and brown taste us soil. Later in life, I learned that yes, watercolors paints were made originally from natural pigments found in soil, clay, rocks, etc., hence the name for some of them such as burnt sienna (‘tierra quemada’ in Spanish), which is “[Sienna] is an earth pigment containing iron oxide and manganese oxide.” taken from Wikipedia dictionary .

Later in life I learned more about watercolors, and other mediums but watercolors stay on my mind until I discovered acrylics… I started using them as if they were watercolors, but recently I had discovered that acrylics are a versatile medium, you can use it in different ways…

More about me – and my art
Over the years while exploring other art techniques (besides watercolors and acrylics), I also had worked on pastels. The way I use pastel, is by using black pastel paper (other type of papers, and colors can be used to paint with pastels); but I found that black paper give a special kind of texture hard to obtain with other colors of paper. See below some of my pastels’ painting:

Landscape – pastel on black paper – 2015
Daffodils – Pastel on black paper 2016
Still life – Pastel on black paper 2015

Hello, as I mentioned before, my first steps in painting were done in watercolors, and over the years, watercolors is my dominant medium. I would like to share some watercolor paintings below:

Wild Flowers (flowers in purple) – watercolor on paper 2009

As the painting above reflects, I like (enjoy) painting flowers, and although, I like to paint other subjects such as people, landscapes, abstracts, trees, etc. Flowers is a big thing for me. Since I was a child I grew up sorrounded by gardens – flowers, and other ornamental trees – at my home – my mother loves gardening, at my grandma’s house, and neighbors in Honduras.

Flowers in a vase – watercolor on paper 2009

More flowers, and more flowers. The painting captures the details of a Chinese vase, which gives a good match to the blue flowers combined with white tulips.

Flowers in a chinese vase – watercolor on paper 2009

Flowers and flowers everywhere… I want to continue sharing more flowers’ paintings below:

Red roses over tablecloth with Native American motives – watercolor on paper 2009

The painting above shows a certain time in which I worked so much on details – this can be seen in the motives of the tablecloth.


Peonies – watercolor on paper 2009

When I did the painting above, I just learned that peonies exist, after living for so many years in Lousiana, I was very familiar with azaleas, and other flowers that grow in the South of the U.S., but I did not know that peonies existed, so, when I came to Minnesota, I became fascinated with peonies and decided to save this memory by painting a vase with these beautiful flowers.

One more painting about this series on flowers, see below:

Hibiscus (a variety of hibiscus) – acrylic on canvas 2015
Flowers – watercolor on paper 2016
Irises – pastel on sandpaper 2015

More paintings coming soon. Stay tune.

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