Painting in watercolor a rare tropical fruit (zapote)

Easy ideas in watercolor

Hello again!
For this new post, I would like to show how I chose a topic of a rare fruit that grows mainly in tropical countries; its name is ‘zapote’. It grows in a tall tree, and it is called with the same name, zapote tree. This is not the first time I painted a zapote fruit, I had shared already another painting on the same topic. Check it here. The difference now is this time, the zapote fruit is part of a composition, and that is the reason I called, still life with zapote.

What is this cool, and easy watercolor idea?

I painted this rare fruit, because of its inside color. On the outside it resembles kiwi fruit (a dull color), but as the kiwi is another color inside, this fruit (zapote) has beautiful colors inside, especially oranges in different hues. It is gorgeous.

I did a Google search about zapote, and found beautiful pictures. I used the name zapote, but this fruit is called ‘mamey’ in other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Again, I painted because of its colors.

You may ask yourself, the painting is not only about the zapote fruit, it is also a still life with more elements. This is true, I just became fascinated by the zapote tree. So, now, I will start talking about the still life itself in the next paragraphs.

Easy painting ideas: painting a still life with zapote

The first thing I considered for the composition is what color the rest of the elements in the painting would contrast better. Especially for the oranges hues in the painting, I though that blue fits well. Secondly, what elements to add, my favorites, cups of coffee, and a pitchel with water.

On the back of the composition, you can see a basket with zapotes. It looks like bread, but they are zapotes.

The following video clip that is also posted in YouTube present how this watercolor painting was completed:

Video clip of Still life with zapote

The finished painting

Now, you can enjoy the picture that shows the full composition below:

Still life with zapote
Still life with zapote is a watercolor that includes this unique tropical fruit, zapote, which resembles a canteloupe but tastes completely different.

What can you learn from this painting…

I you are interested in painting with watercolors, this painting can show you some simple steps:
1. Use contrasting colors in the elements, for example, the yellow in the orange of complementary to the oranges (in the zapote fruit), and yellows/oranges in the fruit are contrasting with the blue of the cups, and water container.
2. For the shadows instead of using grays, use purple. And, for the background, you can use similar colors to the fruit’s color.

In summary, try to copy from me, and follow my recommendations on how to choose the colors in the composition. If you don’t feel confident to work in the full composition, try separately to work (draw and color) some of the elements, for example, the cups; or, the water container (pitcher). Hope you will try!