Painting in a simple way: painting a tree in watercolor

Easy ideas in watercolor

Hello everyone!
I am back to share with you a new easy watercolor idea. It is easy in the sense that you feel that you can do it. That is the idea of today’s post; to work on something cool that at the same time is creative. For this post, I want to share with you one of these ideas, painting a tree. Although painting a tree is not always simple, nor, easy; there are always way to do it without major complication. Please feel free to do it as you can, or, a as you want. The key is that it is easy, and not complicated. So, you can have fun doing it.

What is this cool, and easy watercolor idea?

Continuing with the idea above, the purpose of the project is to paint a tree using watercolors. What I prepared for this post, is the painting of a red tree known as Acacia (or, ‘Llama del Bosque’ in Spanish/direct translation: ‘Fire of the Forest.) This tropical tree can be seen in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and other Latin American countries. You can find lots of pictures about this tree. I did a google search and found a lot picture that make my point. Check this here.

Painting a tree is always fun, why? It is because since we are children, we like to draw trees. So, painting trees is not intimidating. And, if the tree is red as the case of the acacia tree, then, the idea of painting a tree became more fun!

Easy painting ideas: Painting a tree

When painting a tree, one of the main elements is to think on the foliage, how do I convey the idea of the leaves. And, also, do make the trunk to appear realistic, and not fake, or, plasticized? In this example shown before, both of the problems were solved by using bright colors, and a combination of browns, purples, and reds with lots of yellow.

Compared this tree to other trees…

Also by following my posts, you probably had noted that this is not the first time, I showed how to paint a tree – or, how I painted my trees. See other example of different trees that I have shared in previous post of this blog.

Not all trees are the same, and that is the beauty of painting. You can paint the same idea in different ways. As someone said: “a tree is always a tree,” and it is the topic of so many painting workshops that people these days do for fun. For example, this glowing tree.

In previous post, I also shared certain ‘type’ of trees that have a very particular style. The main characteristic is the circled branches. Check this out at another previous post.

Now, let’s see how I painted a red tree

The video clip that is available here is also posted in YouTube Below you can see the video from here:video clip of Acacia tree

Video clip of Acacia Tree

A picture of the finished painting

A full picture of the finished painting is presented below. See how the red in the foliage gives the idea of leaves, and it is not flat. How I did that? I did by applying several layers of reds (mainly Crimson and Cadmium), and orange (I chose an orange that is closer to a red, but a little more intense that a yellow pigment). The combination of reds and oranges make the foliage colorful, and intense.

Easy painting ideas. Painting a tree. The Acacia tree, or, red tree.
Acacia tree – watercolor on paper 2020

Now, let’s summarize how it was done…

I worked first on the background, laying first the colors that are more transparent – in this manner, it is will be easier to work on some transparencies later. Once the lighter, and transparent colors were applied, I started by working on the darker tones, including the reds on the top of the tree. Followed by using a mix of blue, red, and brown on the tree trunk. Then I went back, and also apply a soft layer of purple on the soil, and let the yellow show on the top.

Your opinion

Let me know what you think about the whole project of painting a simple idea, in this case, a tree.