Two Old Ideas – a tree and a woman selling fruit

Easy Painting Watercolor Ideas

In this post I want to share with you two of my old favorites, painting the same tree over and over, and another about a woman selling fruit (I have seen this image in Latin America all my life). I had painted several times the same topic, but these two paintings presented here are recently done. And every time, I paint the same topic, I try to add something new, and improve my watercolor techniques.

Let’s look at the first of the mentioned paintings, “The Famous tree.” The video clip of how I did the work is presented below.

Videoclip of the Famous Tree

I called, the ‘famous’ tree because it is ‘famous’ for me, this idea (image) has been with me for years, and years. And, although there are several similar images in the web, I assure you that this is original, it is my own creation. See full picture of it below.

Famous Tree – Watercolor on paper 2020

Next, the woman selling fruit. There are two particular features that can be seen in this painting, one, is to show how some people sell fruit in market places in Latin America (carrying the product on the top of their heads). And two, the arrangement of the painting is simple, and the details were done with the back of the paintbrush while the paper was wet. See vidoe clip of it below.

Video Clip of Selling Fruit

A picture of the completed project is presented below:

Selling Fruit – Watercolor on paper 2020

As I mentioned in other posts in this blog, the fine lines around the image of the woman, and the basket of fruit was done using the back of the paintbrush. The wood part of the paintbrush can be sharpen with a knife, and use it as a pencil. Also, if you want to try this technique, please don’t forget that the paper needs to be a paper that holds a lot of water, and that is resistant to scratch. Work on the lines with the mentioned technique while the paper is wet, otherwise, you will not be able to capture the effect.

Hope you enjoy it!