Working with shades (also called Silhouettes)

I hope you have been following me (with my posts), and seen that there is a sequence of techniques I have been demonstrating through these communications. I called, the series, New Themes because if covers different subject topics.

Here I will share with you two paintings that are very similar in the way the subject area or, topic has been treated/managed: using the shadows of the forms to emphasize the movements. The key here also is to choose a background that offers a lot of contrast, so, the image looks darker.

Video clip of Movements

In the picture that follows, I am sharing with you the final results. What do you think? I hope you liked!

Movements – watercolor on paper 2020

As you could see it above, the details of the person were done using the back of the paintbrush while the paper was wet.

Video clip of Silhouttes

The complete image of the painting is presented below:

Silhouttes – watercolor on paper 2020

In both paintings, some of pencil lines are left intentionally but it is clearer in the painting above.

Finally, I hope you had enjoyed the post. Let me know if you have any questions, or, want to know more about how the paintings in this post were completed.