New Themes-Series – Watercolor painting

Hi, for this post, I want to share with you two painting from what I called, ‘New themes/Series,’ which have this name because new ideas were used for their creation. Does it happen to you that, sometimes a new idea for a painting/project comes to your mine, but you are unsure if it is a good idea; then, you put the idea in the paper, and the results are great! That’s what I think of these two paintings, the first is tree and the second is a garden plant.

The first painting is a watercolor about a tree moved by the wind, the idea here is that the wind is hitting hard the tree at the point that the tree almost breaks, but since the tree bends instead, then, the tree stands. Somebody toll me that when we don’t bend, we can break, or, be broken by the wind of life. So, that is the lesson behind this painting. See the video below, and then, the complete picture of it.

Tree moved by the Wind – Video Clip

See below the completed work:

Tree moved by the Wind – Watercolor on paper 2020

The second painting is a garden plant that is commonly found in Latin America, but now, it can be seen also in some gardens in the United States, its name is Bleeding Heart. The names comes from the fact that the leaves seems to bleed (in a figurative way). See video of the completed work below, followed by a picture of the painting.

Bleeding Hearts video clip

See picture of the completed painting below.

Bleeding Heart/Corazón Sangriento (Spanish) – watercolor on paper 2020

Now, tell me what you think, do you like it? Do you see something interesting on any of the paintings presented in this post? Please let me know. Thanks.