Potter/Tinajera – watercolor painting combined techniques

In this post, I want to do something a little different – compared to previous weeks posts. I want to start by providing some background information about the topic of the work/painting presented here.

Background information:

The paper, I used for this painting is from the brand Fabriano, there are several types of textured Fabriano paper, but the one I used here is mainly untextured, it is bright, and the watercolor pigment dilutes easily on the surface. Why is this important here? It is because it allowed to use the watercolor in a different manner – not that many layers of color, actually, one, or, two at maximum. See picture of the paper below:

The topic: Tinajas. In some countries in Latin America, pottery is a common women’s occupation, especially in those areas of the region in which indigenous people live. There is a special type of pottery called, Tinaja (Water container), below a picture of a tinaja (in one recent painting of mine on the topic):

Giovanni Antunez – Tinajas/Water Containers made of Clay – Acrylic Painting on canvas 2020

The materials used to make tinajas. Some of the elements used in the production of a tinaja (water container) are included in this painting, on one side, the clay; and a tinaja on another. See picture fragment of the composition below:

Fragment of the painting showing the clay on the right and an unfinished tinaja on the left.

After the tinaja is formed (in this case, using the hands only – no other technology), the finished product is burned (at high temperatures) in an oven. Then, the tinaja is ready – after being tested that it does not leak. Why is this important? Remember, the main use of tinajas is for keeping the drinking water fresh.

Once I have the above mentioned elements set, I started to paint the compositon – it is somehow simple, but I hope it looks graceful. See below, how I did completed the painting:

Video Clip of Potter/Tinajera

The picture below captures the full image of the painting. Pay attention to the colors in the background, they are applied directly from the watercolor container, with no combination with other colors. This was done with the intention to keep the simplicity of the composition.

Picture of Potter/Tinajera – Watercolor on Paper 2020

The above is the completed painting. What do you think? Give your opinion.