Bell Flowers/Campanillas – combined techniques on how to watercolor painting

This painting tries to capture the beauty of a simple wild flower. There is so much beauty in the wildflowers. For centuries, famous painters have painted roses, tulips, and other flowers that are not wild.

For me, the topic of this painting is wonderful, the little bells that are frequently found in the I repeated the same topic of bell flowers, because I wanted to see/try how the same topic stands on a white background – instead of green compared to the previous painting on the topic.

This is the green background I am referring to, it is the topic of one of my previous posts.

It is interesting that the same subject/topic [not the composition] looks completely different against a white background.

See how I did the painting on the topic below:

Video of Bell Flowers/Campanillas watercolor on paper

The picture below captures the full image of the painting. Pay attention on the purple the background, and the white of paper as part of the the composition.

Bell Flowers/Campanillas – watercolor on paper 2020

For this project, I used Fabriano (paper Brand) watercolor paper, which tolerate a little bit of scratches – which helped to create the light that you seen among the flowers. This light helps to separate the flowers, so, they don’t look all packed, and boring. In other words, the light helps to create interest on the composition.

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