Outdoor Ivy – combined techniques on how to watercolor painting

I would like to share with you this painting, which is a landscape in which I combined wet with dry brushstrokes of colors. Some of the layers of color were left wet, and another layer of wet color was applied; or, after the wet layer was dried, then, the dry brushstroke of color was added.

What are the benefits of combined techniques? Combined techniques create a lot of transparencies; which is the main beauty of watercolor painting. One layer of color can be seen over the other, and at the end of combination of layer, create a visual impact on the viewer. See below the video clip of how the painting was completed;

Video clip of Outdoor Ivy – watercolor on paper 2020

More details of the painting can be observed in the full picture of the composition – the picture at the beginning of the post is a fragment, but below I am showing the full picture. See by yourself:

Outdoor Ivy – watercolor on paper 2020

The main focal point of the composition is the ivy leaves, I really loved the heart shaped of the ivies, it is fun to paint them – although there is a lot of detail on it; and it requires a lot patience to paint a leaf one by one.