Bell Wild Flowers – combined techniques on how to watercolor painting

This painting tries to capture the beauty of a simple wild flower. There is so much beauty in the wildflowers. For centuries, famous painters have painted roses, tulips, and other flowers that are not wild. For me, the topic of this painting is wonderful, the little bells that are frequently found in the wilderness. There is need to open our eyes to this beauty too. It is not that roses, or, tulips and other flowers commonly found in painting don’t have value, because they do. It is because wildflowers also deserve out attention, and need to appear in paintings. See how I did the painting on the topic below:

Video clip of bell flowers – watercolor on paper

The picture below captures the full image of the painting. The key with this type of painting is how to make the main focus of the painting more notable, how to not buried the little flower bells in the background, or, the surrounded colors.

Watercolor of Bell Flowers
Bell flowers – watercolor on paper 2020

This type of painting needs to be done in a water resistant paper, the layer by layer technique without a resistant paper tends to create a muddy appearance, and the paper tends to be bend a lot, which makes it hard for the storage of your work. So, you want to have better results, use a good brand of paper (above, I used Arches), which holds a lot of water without bending, or, creating the muddy appearance that sometimes is seen when a cheap watercolor paper is used. Not that I am again the ‘cheap’ paper, because depending of the technique sometimes, inexpensive paper is just fine; but not for this type of painting [above]. What do you think? Give your opinion.