Thinking too Much – Painting with watercolors in a different way

Why do I said, “painting in a different way,” I said that because I think is a little different way from what most watercolors are done. The technique used in this painting is a combination of two techniques, wet brush strokes of watercolor, and making scratches on the wet paper with the back of the brush – that’s how I completed the painting I am sharing in this post. See video below:

Thinking too Much – a video lapse of how the painting was completed

And, here [below] is the completed painting – see details on the hair that were done -as mentioned before, by scratching the wet paper with the back of the brush; creating the lines of the hair that I found hard to accomplish with the watercolor pigment itself; because after applying the wet layers of watercolor the lines then to disappear; the scratching don’t.

Thinking too Much – watercolor on paper 2020

One more thing…this painting is about the topic of thinking too much. According to some saying (adage) in the Latino culture, thinking too much makes the hair growth. And, that is the idea here, the woman in the picture has a long hair that is growing so quickly because she is thinking too much!