Forest – Painting nature in a loosely way using watercolors

When it’s time to paint nature, I sometimes do this using a loose way; the colors of the trees may not match the ‘real’ colors of the barks’ trees; but it’s okay since I am painting in a loose way – mostly from my imagination or; sketch’s notes from the woods/forest nearby my home.

Below is one example of a loose painting on trees, I called, “Forest” and the trees are red and blue against a yellow background; the technique is wet on wet watercolor- layers for color in a wet surface.

Video of how I worked in the Forest watercolor

Here is the final product, the trees appears to have arms; and be attached to each other; so the picture could also be called, friends.

Forest – watercolor on paper 2020

Now, what do you think about the final result? Please let me know, write to me.