Woman and Red Guitar – Painting the human figure in a figurative and whimsical way using watercolors

Hi, thanks for following me in this blog. I have been painting a lot of watercolors so, I have enough works to show you – actually, I have more that I can post, but the good news is that I have a lot to share with you.

In this post, I am sharing with you a watercolor painting in which I used a palette of warm colors, especially yellows and reds. Also, as you will see (after watching the video below) that, I did use some cold colors [blue and purple] for some sections of the background; but the predominant colors are the yellows that contrast (in my opinion) well with the red guitar.

This is the video clip that shows how I completed the Woman & Red Guitar watercolor painting

After you watched the video, you probably observed how the painting changed more than once, but it stills remain mainly dominated by the yellow pigments, and reds [at least three types of red were used]; one of these kind of reds include the following: Cadmium Red, Red Pyroll, Quinacridone Red; and Perylene Maroon. The yellows were applied over the reds, and transformed [creating color transparencies] the yellows.

Woman & Red Guitar – watercolor on paper 2020

Another characteristic of this painting [above] is, that you can still see the original lines created when I drew the composition. I think that those lines [I used blue watercolor pencil] give the painting a nice touch, that reminds us that before a final painting, there is always an original drawing.