Violets at the Garden – Adding a special touch to your watercolor’s paintings

Imaging that you are at my garden -actually at my greenhouse; which I keep my tropical plants; I am inviting you to watch my violets; which are growing in clay’s containers that also contrast very well with the intense purple (Violeta in Spanish) of the flowers, and the the intense dark green of their leaves. It’s hard to not see/watch the violets without feeling the urge to paint them; and that’s what I did. I showing below the video clip of how I completed the painting from beginning to end – although it’s said that a painting is never finished, it’s always a work in progress.

Violets at the Garden – How I did this watercolor painting

I am showing you the completed painting below; put attention on how I also used some purple in the background- so the dominated green yellow of the backgrounder reflects at some level the purple of the flowers (violets). In my opinion making the color of the background part of the main subject of the composition helps to create more harmony. What do you think?

Violets at the Garden – Watercolor on Paper 2020

If you have followed me until now in this blog, you will see that I like to paint nature, especially flowers, and plants. I really like to do that, and I encourage you to do your painting in those subjects/topics that you love it.