Still life – Different ways in which you can add a special touch to your watercolor’s paintings

For the painting showed in this post, I used a different brand of paper, Fabriano – the advantage of this paper is that is more resistant to water, bends less and it has a nice brilliance. I also used watercolors that come from tubes (instead of tablets of color), and for some reason, I think that pigments that come from watercolor’s tubes tend to be more stable, firm, and still retain its brightness after it dries. I don’t know about your experience with watercolors, but there are some kind of watercolors that after they dry – the painting looks opaque, with no brightness. I understand that gouache has that characteristic, but not watercolors of good quality. My points, I used a decent paper, and good quality watercolor pigments to work on this painting. See below a video lapse of how I completed the painting:

Video of how I completed the “Still Life” watercolor

I have a picture of the completed painting below. If you pay some attention to the composition, you can observe that the pencil -used to draw the elements of the composition, is still visible. For some this maybe not good, but I think that it is good, because it add a special touch to the composition.

"Still Life" watercolor on paper 2020
“Still Life” watercolor on paper 2020

Another thing that you can see in this painting is, the color transparencies; it is so transparent that the purple container in the front almost looks intertwined with the bottle, and the pitcher. I hope you like it!