New – Combined techniques on how to paint with watercolors

Hi, I did the recent watercolor painting using a ‘free’ technique – what do I say, ‘free’? I said, free because it is hard to identify how many techniques I used, because while working on the project I used a lot of water at the beginning, which is mainly the wet on wet technique that characterizes watercolor painting, then, I scratched some sections of the paper to make the remark on the hills, and at the end, I used dry brushstrokes of color to add the details to the upfront pine trees that are one of the focal points of the painting. Below, a time lapse (short) video on how I completed the project.The painting I am showing in this post, is a recently painted

Video on how I completed the painting mentioned in this post – Small Hills watercolor painting

My main challenge in this painting project was how to keep the interest on the composition, while using a limited palette – basically, different kinds of greens, and even an aqua sky – to add interest to the painting, I decided to add the line of pine’s trees upfront, so, the eye does not focus only in the hills but also moves to the front; these (in my opinion) makes the use of greens around the composition less tedious, or, boring. On the contrary, introducing a new element upfront (the pine’s trees) created interest, what do you think?

The completed painting is shown in the picture below:

The image show a painting about Small Hills - Lomitas, a watercolor painting on paper 2020.
Small Hills watercolor on paper 2020

If you can write a short message/comment of what you think about the painting above (presented in this post), and how I completed it, I will appreciated. Thanks.