New – Combined techniques on how to paint with watercolors

Below is a recent watercolor painting that I prepared for this blog. The technique I used is mainly a series of dry brushstrokes of color, and then, using the main color as the source to apply more color on the white areas of the paper. Instead of adding more color, I added more water to the brush, and let the color flows from the dry source of it. See below, how I completed this painting.

Video of how I completed the painting Woman and Guitar – watercolor on paper

See picture of the completed painting below

Woman and Guitar – watercolor on paper 2020

What is different in this recent painting? If I compare this painting to previous works posted in this post, this is a work in which the grain in the paper can be easily seen, and it is part of the texture for the composition; another element is the use of quick brushstrokes of color, and then, diluted pigment to complete the details. No lines added to make additional remarks for the figure, or, the guitar in the composition. Why not? The idea is to let the figure, and the guitar to fuse with the background. Hope you like it!