Wet on Wet technique – More Techniques on How to Paint with Watercolors

The painting I am showing in this post is the second on the topic of urban landscape. For people who had traveled to Latin America – also this probably can be seen in other regions of the world in which large cities are built in a hilly landscape – houses appear (are seen) as one over another, I always liked to paint this topic. See video below of how I did this second painting on the topic.

video of how I complete the Urban Landscape 2 painting

See picture of the completed painting below

Urban Landscape 2
Urban Landscape 2 – watercolor on paper 2020

The wet on wet technique allows also for transparencies – the viewer can see the objects behind – that is the reason, the word, transparency is used. Many people who loved watercolors is because of the capacity of the medium (watercolor) to create transparencies. Hope you enjoy it!