More Techniques on how to Paint with Watercolors- Wet on Wet technique

This is a new painting I just completed recently, it is a landscape of a city with lots of houses, probably it comes from my memories of large cities – and houses on the hills, that are commonly found in Latin America.

See the video below

Urban Landscape – this video shows the steps I followed to complete the painting.

First of all, the paper I used for this project is from Strathmore brand, it is a little more resistant to lots of water than other inexpensive brands, but if you look in the video – into more details, it is a little greasy, this can be seen when the watercolor painting is applied, but at the same time, it is good because it provided a certain effect that otherwise would not be accomplished. I liked the final effects.

See the picture of the completed painting below:

Urban Landscape- watercolor on paper 2020

Watercolor – This painting is one of my old favorites topics, urban landscape – houses that look one over another – under a blue scape. The technique used is basically wet on wet, layers, and layers of color over wet watercolor, I dried the painting only to add some small details.