More Techniques on how to paint with watercolor

Here I am back with another recent painting about a person thinking. The thinking process for me is related to a specific pose of the body and that’s what I trying to reflect here in this watercolor.

Below is the video

Thinking – a video in which I demonstrate how I completed the painting featured in this post.
Thinking – watercolor on paper 2020

This painting is done mainly with wet on wet layers of colors. Also, before the last layers of color, I delineated the figure in order to emphasize the main features – I know this is a naive way of painting, but I liked. After this, I enter one more layer of color mainly to regain the pigments of color that were lost during the wet washes. Also, this time I also dried the layer using a hair dryer, but as I mentioned before in other videos, this is optional, you can just let the painting dry by itself, the only thing with it, is that you have to wait until the paper dries.