This is another painting from the series – More Techniques on how to paint with watercolors

I did the ‘Blue Ballerina’ using a limited amount of colors, in this manner, I was able to emphasize the dance’s movements. See video below on how I completed the painting – I used Arches watercolor paper, and Master’s Touch watercolors.

This is the video showing how I painted the blue ballerina watercolor

This painting is mainly monochromatic – I used gray of Payne, and ultramarine to emphasize the figure of the ballerina; also, darker strokes of dry watercolor were used to make the remarks on the ballerina. Also, intentionally, I left some areas of the painting in white to use the whiteness of the paper as part of the background/composition.

Below is the completed/finished painting:

Blue Ballerina – watercolor paper 2020

If you have seen the rest of the paintings of this series, this is the third painting on the subject; I really like to paint ballerinas (ballet dancers), but for some reason I had not painted much of them recently. So, now I am back to paint ballerinas, and to emphasize the movements, I am painting most of them using a limited palette – two or, three colors.