This is another painting from the series – More Techniques on how to paint with watercolors

See another painting on the topic of ballerinas, the name? Ballerina – as you could see I run out of ideas on the topic, and all of the painting of this series are called, ballerina(s). The video below shows how I worked on this watercolor painting – I used Arches watercolor, which can hold a lot of water, so, I was able to do washes of color, with lots of water without having crumbles in the paper.

See video below of how I completed the ‘Ballerina’ painting:

Video of Ballerina – watercolor on paper 2020

In this painting, I put more attention to the movement that the details in the face of the ballerina, I used color to emphasize the movements; and also make the remarks of the movements by using a different color (red).

See picture below on how the painting look after finished:

Ballerina- watercolor on paper 2020

In this painting, the lines of the original drawing of the figure is part of the composition – as you can see it, the lines especially on the frontal leg has visible lines of the pencil used to draw the figure. Lesson here: we can let the pencil’s marks to remain visible as part of the composition/painting, and also, use the white of the paper to help the painting breath – making room for the dancing figure. Hope you enjoy it!