More Techniques on how to paint with watercolors

I did another painting on the topic of ballerinas, but this time, there is actually a group of ballerinas – three ballet dancers, I really enjoy painting ballerinas, but for some reason, I had not done so many paintings on this topic in recent years; now, I am back to one of my favorites. See below the video on how I did it.

Video on how I did the ballerinas’s watercolor painting

The technique in this painting is mostly dry watercolor – I used dry strokes of watercolor, and also a limited palette – I did it with the intention to emphasize the movements of the ballerinas – it is basically red brown, sepia, and the white of the paper.

Ballerinas – watercolor on paper 2020

The painting does not have many layers – like I did in other paintings in this blog, and again, I intentionally wanted the painting to breath, and to allow the movements of the ballerinas to fill the composition.