Painting trees with watercolor

The painting above, is a painting of ‘different’ trees, they are ‘my trees’ – and I said, different, and that they are mine, because they hardly resemble normal trees. They are more phantasy trees.

The video below shows how I completed the painting. In this case, although I pointed on the details of the composition, I intentionally left some parts of the paper free of color, just showing its whiteness. So, the normal white in the paper, intensifies the colors/pigments of the medium (in this case, watercolors).

Yellow trees – watercolor on paper 2020

As you can see it, I started by drawing/mostly sketching the trees, and the sun. Then, I decided to paint the trees – in yellow, and I did it because I knew that the darker colors that will be applied in the background could mixed easily with the color of the trees, so, once the first layer had dried, I applied the background colors, and continue applying colors using few layers of painting.

This time, the painting above was completed without working in more than probably two layers of color, I did it, because I was using dry watercolor washes, and wanted also to keep the brightness of the colors.