Painting a winter landscape with watercolors

I did the painting above by using watercolors in the following manner:

1. I started by using wet on wet technique, which is accomplished by applying layers of color while one layer is wet, it helps to create the softness of the composition which is characteristic of watercolors.
2. Taking advantage of the wet paper, and the water that it is holding, I used the back of a painting brush to draw the trees.

See the video below of how I did it.

Winter Landscape – watercolor on paper 2020

The sky was painted with cerulean blue, and also pink/flesh pink – you can still see it a little bit on the top of the trees. The bottom of the trees are reflecting a little on the snow, which I did not want to exaggerate its whiteness because I wanted to give a little warmer effect – in the middle of the cold. By the way, I live in Minnesota, United States, and this time of the year is very cold.