Painting a landscape with watercolor

Hello, I did this painting above using watercolors. In this case, I used a little different technique, mostly dry strokes of color, and creating transparencies.

The following is the video that shows the several steps used to complete the painting. I did mainly the following:
1. Using dry strokes of color, I created the first layers of colors. Then,
2. I used less dry/mostly wet watercolor to create transparencies; and at the end, I highlighted the main features in the composition to separate one hill from the others.

Video of how the mentioned painting was completed – Landscape watercolor on paper 2020 – if you feel that the video is running slow, then, move to the middle of the recording, which will run the video in less time. Thanks.

To get continue working in the painting after I finished one layer of painting, I used a hair dryer to dry the wet painting; but if you like to work slowly, you can wait [several hours, or, another day] for the watercolor and the paper to dry, and continue working in the additional layers of color, and the final details.

The paper I used is a Master’s Touch watercolor paper, which is very affordable is it fairly absorbable, and resistant. Remember, the problem with watercolor paper, is that if so much water is used, the paper them to develop crumbles, and also, bend and becomes curved. That is the reason, after I finish a watercolor painting (and after it dries), I stored in the middle of a heavy book, or, put under several books, so, the paper stretches itself back to the original form.