How to paint with watercolors – the basics – part IIIa

Watercolor paper III – Other watercolor paper options

One of the best papers – is the one sold at most Art and Crafts stores is the Arches’s paper – this is probably the best (although is not cheap compared to most of the other brands mentioned above), because it absorbs a lot water, and also can be used to do some scratching as part of the technique. Here is a picture of this paper:

Arches Watercolor Block - 9'' x 12'', 300 lb, Cold Press, 10 Sheets
This is the Arches’ brand, excellent although it is a little pricey. That is one of the reasons, I used (explore) other brands as mentioned above.

See below one of my paintings done with this type of watercolor paper.

Landscape – watercolor on paper 2016

The scratches in the mountains and also other areas of the painting with done with the back of a paint brush. Since the paper is very resistant, the scratching did not damage the paper. Below is another example:

Reading (woman enjoying reading by the window) – watercolor on paper 2016

Watercolor paper III – How to paint with watercolors layer by layer – step by step