How to paint with watercolors – the basics – part II

Watercolor paper part II

Now, I will continue with my comments about watercolor’s paper. This time, I wil share my opinion/experience with two other types of watercolor paper; but this time, I want to share my points using this YouTube video.

More options of watercolor’s paper

The video above shows two more options of watercolor paper available in the market: one is from Hubby Lobby – it is the Master’s Touch brand, and the second from Stathemore that is sold in most Art and Crafts stores. The following are two pictures of these mentioned papers:

The Master Touch’s brand – watercolor paper
The Strathmore’s brand watercolor paper pad

How to easily paint in watercolor – materials

I want to give the viewer some tips on how to paint in watercolor:

1. Be sure that you use a paper that holds enough water without creating lumps. Examples of this type of paper have been given previously (above).

2. Pencil to do the sketch: any type of pencil can be used to prepare the sketch; I use blue watercolor pencil, which makes the lines almost invisible after the layers of color are applied.

Keeping mind the two tips mentioned above, I did a step by step You Tube video of how to complete a short watercolor project. This video is available here.

This is a time lapsed video of the process, the final product is shown below.

Here is the final product of the small painting showed in the video. The painting was done using the Master’s Touch’s (brand) paper mentioned above.

Flowers – done with Master’s Touch materials: tablet watercolors and paper – January 2020