How to paint with watercolors – part IV – painting a still life with watercolor layer by layer

Hello, here is another video on how to paint layer by layer with watercolors. Before I explain more in details the process, I would like to talk about the paper I used this time to work on this painting.

The paper I used this time, is a paper sold by Canson – this brand has very good watercolor papers but most of them are a little pricey, which is normal, because they are high quality… but for this demonstration I used a very inexpensive Canson paper that is sold in most craft stores. Here is a picture of the paper for you to recognize it – just in case, you want to try it too:

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This is another image of the watercolor paper I used for this painting demonstration.

In a previous post, I showed how to paint a watercolor layer by layer; this time, I am using the same technique – painting one layer, then, a second, and a third, and four, and… as many as you want for your desired final results. I used the technique to paint the still life that you see in the picture at the top of this post. And, the video below shows how I did it. Enjoy it!\

Here is again, the picture of the completed painting.

Still life with apples – watercolor on paper 2020

I did the painting using different layers of color, which is one way to do it. Some people prefer just one wash of color, and that is fine too. The layer by layer – in my opinion, intensifies the colors, and make the painting really colorful. But again, it is a matter of taste, one layer (or, one wash); or, layer by layer.

Long time, I did not do layer by layer watercolors because I did not know about different types of watercolor papers; I thought that all watercolors papers were the same, so, I was very much afraid that after adding more, and more layer of color, which means also more water, the paper will wrinkle ruining my entire work. Now, I know that there are several types of watercolor paper, and the highest quality, and highest grain will hold more water, and allow you to add layers, and layers of color, and do other fun techniques too (as I mentioned in my post II of this series), scratching the paper to obtain certain textures, and additional details.