The Journey Begins

If you look at the featured painting that starts this page, it depicts a road (‘un camino’ in Spanish), which is what I am trying to find, a road to share my painting’s tecniques with you. The painting in the picture above was inspired by the view of the road in a fall’s day while going to Minneapolis, it is landscape done with watercolors.

Caminante, No Hay Camino / Traveler, There is no Road Traveler, there is no road; you make your own path as you walk. As you walk, you make your own road, and when you look back. you see the path. ” —-Antonio Machado.

Hello again, I would like to share some of the paintings I have done recently and, among other themes, I did a series of paintings on the Badlands in South Dakota, I went to visit this national park four years ago, but I started painting its beauty until recently (just last year, 2019). The series of paintings try to capture the view, but mainly how I saw it. So, please visit with me the Badlands, South Dakota, United States. See a selection of paintings below on the topic:

Welcome to the Badlands (one view) – acrylic on canvas 2019

One of the interesting things about the badlands is that it changes colors depending of the time of the day, for example, in the morning I captured the image above – painted from my mind, not from a picture, and in this view, the yellows, and ochres are the predominant hues (colors).

Welcome to the Badlands (another view) – acrylic on canvas 2019

As seen in the picture above, – again painted from memory, not from a picture. The Badlands now looked red, and brown.

Below, I added more paintings about the badlands, and again, as you can see it, the colors keep changing – of course, depending of my interpretation too. For example, the watercolor below is dramatic – the contrast of the blue sky and the pinks, and purples is amazing.

Bandlands (in pink) early afternoon – watercolor on paper 2016

I did also an pastel on this type of view, in which the bright colors dominate, in this case, the purples contrasting with the yellow give the badlands another spectacular view. See below:

Badlands in purple and yellow – mid afternoon – pastel on black paper 2016

Of course, as you can see it, the style is mine, bright colors, and emphasis on the shapes, and of course, the lines (mainly curves) that are characteristic of this style of painting.

I have another pastel painting (see below) that captures the intensity of the badlands colors – I went in the summer, and this may also change the colors, because the sungligth varies during the day, and as it moves, the colors continue changing.

Badlands – Pastel on black paper 2016

Stay tune because more paintings about the badlands are coming in future posts. Thanks.